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Out and About with ASL

| 22. February 2021

Contacts and exchange of experiences:
ASL is a cosmopolitan, international language institute where students, migrants and guest students from all over the world feel very much at home. Every participant of a German course is part of the ASL community. During and after class course participants get to know each other better, make friends and thus escape the isolation that foreign students and guest students often suffer from, especially if they have not been in Germany long. At inter-class, extracurricular activities, but also on our Facebook page, contacts can be made and experiences exchanged at any time.

Meeting place for activities:
The location of the school is ideal: the Ludwig Maximilian University, the English Garden and numerous restaurants and street cafés are in the neighborhood. In the evenings and on weekends, many students arrange to meet at a café, a nearby bar or one of Munich’s many clubs.

School festivals and regular meetings:
Several times a year, e.g. before Christmas, but also after the end of the course, the school holds parties with music, food and drinks. People talk, discuss, get to know each other better, make friends, and get answers to questions like: Which museum in Munich is interesting? Where are the trendy pubs, cafés and clubs? Where can I buy food or clothes at a reasonable price? Which hairdresser is good and cheap? How can I get tickets for FC Bayern? How can I find a good part-time job? Who is coming to the Oktoberfest?

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