!!! Register now for the telc B2 online exam preparation (16.05 - 03.06.22) and the telc B2 exam (04.06.22). There are still places available in the A2 course (30.05. - 22.07.22) and in the A1 course (01.08. - 23.09.22), which is also suitable as a vacation course. You can also join both courses at a later date or participate in the courses only temporarily. !!!

Company teaching/ business German

With company teaching  German lessons for your international employees, ASL offers your employees the opportunity to learn German in a short period of time. The company language courses include German that covers technical and industry-specific terms and language structures that are important for working in your company. A German that enables your employees to conduct technical discussions, hold meetings, create presentations and conduct negotiations in their everyday work. For this purpose, ASL offers special company German courses (individual or group lessons) with different focuses.
Upon request, we will provide you with a customized offer that is tailored to your scheduling needs, your specific objectives, and the focus of your topics. The lessons can take place at ASL or at your company premises.



Course data

Target group:
Working people
Course duration:
Teaching times:
Course location:
Online or Leopoldstr. 32, 80802 München
Hours per week:
Course level(s):
A1 – C2
Study trips and cultural programme:
are tailored to the wishes of the participants
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