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A 2 German course intensive 03.11.2024 – 10.01.2025

The A 2 German course intensive is suitable for beginners with previous knowledge. In this intensive German course you will have the opportunity to achieve the areas of speaking, listening, writing and reading at the A 2 level. This will enable you to conduct simple everyday conversations, understand short texts and write them yourself. In grammar and phonetics you will get a solid foundation and thus the basis for good pronunciation and correct use of the language.

In the area of listening comprehension, everyday situations are simulated to familiarize learners with the sounds of the German language. This can include understanding simple instructions, listening to short dialogues or recognizing basic words. Through varied exercises, learners should improve their ability to understand spoken German.

Speaking plays a central role in the A 2 German course. Language learners practise dialogs and short conversations. Special attention is paid to pronunciation in order to promote comprehensibility and overcome inhibitions when speaking.

The reading comprehension part focuses on understanding short texts, whether in the form of instructions, short stories or informative texts. Participants learn to filter out key information and grasp the content in order to improve their reading skills.

In terms of writing, participants are instructed to write simple texts. This can include writing short messages, personal emails or simple descriptions. Grammar rules are gradually introduced and applied in order to develop writing skills.

Vocabulary is systematically expanded to enable learners to express themselves on a variety of topics.

In summary, the A 2 German intensive course offers a solid foundation for those who want to improve their German language skills. The varied exercises and practical applications are designed to enable participants to use the language actively and move confidently in simple everyday situations

You will quickly make progress and experience for yourself how much fun it can be to learn German.

This A 2 German course ends with the ASL internal language exam.

If places are available, lateral entry is also possible after a free placement test.

There are no lessens between 21.12.2024 – 06.01.2025


Course data

Target group:
all those interested in German from 16
Course duration:
8 Weeks
Teaching times:
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Course location:
Leopoldstr. 32, 80802 München
Hours per week:
25 lessons of 45 minutes each
Course level(s):
A 2
Study trips and cultural programme:
are tailored to the wishes of the participants.

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