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Hindi Intensive Course for Beginners A1 03.07.2024 – 18.09.2024


Learn Hindi! In this unique Hindi intensive course you will acquire authentic Hindi knowledge particularly quickly and effectively. Whether you are preparing for a trip, for work or for your family, this intensive course is perfectly tailored to your needs thanks to a well thought-out team-teaching concept.

The two experienced instructors, Indologist Eva-Maria Glasbrenner and native Hindi speaker Rajneesh Mangla, make learning Hindi easy with their didactically convincing concept: with fun, active practice right from the start and maximum efficiency through the dual offer of Indology-based grammar know-how in German and native competence, you will learn the world language Hindi effortlessly.

Active speaking, pronunciation practice and listening comprehension are as much a part of the course program as grammar training and writing competence in the Indian script Devanagari for fluent reading and writing. The convenient online format allows you to participate from the comfort of your living room and on the go anywhere in the world.


Course data

Target group:
all those interested in Hindi
Course duration:
12 weeks
Teaching times:
Wednesday 6:00 p.m.-09:15 p.m.
Course location:
Hours per week:
4 lessons of 45 minutes each
Course level(s):
Study trips and cultural programme:
are tailored to the wishes of the participants.

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