Grammar course for physicians



Grammar course for physicians

The course is aimed at doctors who work here, doctors who want to work here, students, people who are preparing to study medicine and interested lay people.

The aim of the course is to deepen, supplement and expand grammatical topics in some areas, clarifying questions and closing gaps.

The required level is B2/C1.



Focus: Location preposition, e.g. in the designation of body areas


Participle attributes

After an overview of the variants of the participle attributes, we want to practice the constructions with extensions that are important for reading comprehension and independent writing of reports, publications, etc. This topic is very complex and will therefore take about a third of the course.

The goal is that you can sort the constructions more easily when reading texts and thus understand the content more easily or in flow and of course that you can form them yourself. At regular intervals, there are also exercises on sentence structure.

The course is designed as an intensive grammar trainer, i.e. it does not impart any medical expertise or explicit vocabulary. And it can – with exceptions – not offer much room for free conversation. The main goal of the course is to practice a lot so that you can recognize and internalize structures. In this way, you gain security in the language that is then available to you for your actual field – medicine.


Course duration: 8 weeks, 2 times / week of 3 lessons (= 120 minutes)


You will receive the exact program at the beginning of the course.

Course data

Target group:
Medical staff
Course duration:
8 Weeks
Teaching times:
Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 p.m. - 21:00 p.m.
Course location:
Hours per week:
6 lessons of 45 minutes each
Course level(s):
B2 / C1
Study trips and cultural programme:
are tailored to the wishes of the participants.

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