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German course for Indians and speakers of Indian languages 01.07.2024 – 16.09.2024

With this German course for Indians and speakers of Indian languages, ASL offers a course format specifically designed to meet the culturally specific needs of participants from South Asia. The concept includes:

– specific pronunciation training for participants from South Asia

– Possibility to ask questions in selected North and South Indian languages (e.g. Hindi or Kannada)

– Comparative grammar explanation in comparison with typical Indian language structures

– Special offer for women who need practical cultural introduction

Where to get pure vegetarian food? How does one go shopping? Where can I find religious offers (temples) and cultural offers (Indian dance etc.) in Munich?

The course is led by Eva-Maria Glasbrenner M.A., an Indologist and language lecturer for Indian languages (especially Hindi and Sanskrit) and German as a foreign language, who has many years of experience in this field as an expert in Indian literature, language, religion, philosophy and art. She studied German and Indology at the LMU Munich and at the University of Pune (India). Since 1996 she has regularly spent time in North and South India for field research.

At ASL, Eva-Maria Glasbrenner has been working as a lecturer for German as a foreign language since 2022. Her latest intercultural project is the special course format German for speakers of Indian languages. In order to better help students from South Asian countries such as India, Nepal and Sri Lanka learn German, she specifically addresses the problems that speakers of Indian languages (whether Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil or one of the many other languages in South Asia) typically face linguistically in her teaching. She can also take the perspective of her participants’ native grammar and, when necessary, explain in Hindi, for example, and give examples to facilitate understanding.

Good pronunciation is as much a focus as practice: How can I quickly get along linguistically in my new environment in Germany?

The language of instruction is mainly German for optimal language acquisition and of course politically and religiously neutral.

Everyone with roots in South Asian countries is welcome in this course!



Course data

Target group:
Indians and speakers of Indian languages
Course duration:
8 Weeks
Teaching times:
Monday 7:30 p.m.-09:00 p.m.
Course location:
Hours per week:
2 lessons of 45 minutes each
Course level(s):
Study trips and cultural programme:
are tailored to the wishes of the participants.

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