!!! Register now for the telc B2 online exam preparation (16.05 - 03.06.22) and the telc B2 exam (04.06.22). There are still places available in the A2 course (30.05. - 22.07.22) and in the A1 course (01.08. - 23.09.22), which is also suitable as a vacation course. You can also join both courses at a later date or participate in the courses only temporarily. !!!

Digital TestDaF exam preparation 22.08.22 – 09.09.22

In the digital TestDaF exam preparation you will get a comprehensive insight into the exam format and receive intensive training of all four parts of the digital TestDaF exam. Targeted exercises in reading, listening, writing and speaking, regular checks and discussions of the written and oral tasks as well as model tests will prepare you optimally for the exam.

In addition, in this TestDaF exam preparation, we pay special attention to oral expression,  which differs greatly from other exam formats and should therefore be practiced in particular.

Since this is an online course, a laptop or PC and microphone are required.

How does the digital TestDaF work?

The digital TestDaF is conducted on the computer in the test centers. First you solve the tasks in reading, followed by the examination parts listening, writing and speaking. The answers in the reading and listening sections of the test, as well as text productions for the writing section, are entered on the computer. You will work on the different tasks in a given order. You can go faster, but not back to a previous task, as for example with the paper-based TestDaF.

The examination for the digital TestDaF will take place on 14.06.22 worldwide in all examination centers that offer this form of testing. Therefore, it is possible to attend the preparation course at ASL International Language School Munich and then take the exam at a test center in Munich, Germany or in your home country.

You can register for this digital TestDaF exam until 06.06.22.

If you have any questions about registration, we will be happy to help.


Course data

Target group:
student applicants and jobseekers
Course duration:
3 Weeks
Teaching times:
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Course location:
Hours per week:
25 lessons of 45 minutes each
Course level(s):
Study trips and cultural programme:

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