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Integration Courses





    The aim of the integration course is to successfully teach foreigners the language, the legal system, the culture and the history of Germany. Foreigners should become so familiar with the lifestyle in Germany that they can independently cope with all areas of daily life without the help or intervention of third parties.

    The integration course is made up of two parts: a language course and an orientation course. In the language course, German as a Second Language is taught. The orientation course looks closely at the legal system, culture and history.

    Integration courses (morning)

    Mo-Fr 8.45 am -13.00 pm (25 lessons per week)  

    from 04.09.2017: Mo-Fr 9.30 am -13.35 pm (25 lessons per week)

    Start Module   Level   Start Module  Level
    11.09.2017 1 A 1.1   09.10.2017 1 A 1.1
    12.09.2017 2 A 1.2   10.10.2017 2 A 1.2
    12.09.2017 3 A 2.1 11.10.2017 3 A 2.1
    12.09.2017 4 A 2.2   11.10.2017 4 A 2.2
    15.09.2017 5 B.1.1   11.10.2017 5 B.1.1
    18.09.2017 6 B 1.2   16.10.2017 6 B 1.2

    Next courses start 4 weeks later

    Integration courses (afternoon)

    Mo-Fr 14.30-17.45 pm (20 lessons per week)  

    Start Module   Level
    18.09.2017 1 A 1.1 
    18.09.2017 2 A 1.2
    18.09.2017 3 A 2.1
    18.08.2017 4 A 2.2 





    The Integration Course consists of 700 lessons:

    Basiskurs                      Modules 1 - 3                 300 lessons
    Aufbaukurs                   Modules 4 - 6                 300 lessons
    Orientierungskurs                                                100


    The Integration Course  ends with the test DTZ (Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer) and a test after the lessons/week Course called LiD (Leben in Deutschland).

    ASL International Language School offers these Integration Courses throughout the year on all levels and concuts all tests.

    Course fee: 195 €  (100 lessons)
    Participation costs 1,95 Euro per teaching hour. Those who receive unemployment benefit II or social benefits are exempt from paying. 

    Participants who have already acquired some skills in German may start the course with a more advanced module. A placement test will find the correct module.

    Start of Courses for Adult Literacy

         Start        Time Module  
    18.08.2017 10.00-13.00 Uhr 1 20 lessons/week  monday - friday
    18.08.2017 14.30-17.45 Uhr 1 20 lessons/week  monday - friday
    18.08.2017 10.00-13.00 Uhr 7 20 lessons/week  monday - friday
    25.09.2017 18.00-21.15 Uhr 1 16 lessons/week  monday - friday

    Recent immigrats from countries outside the EU can apply for acceptance into a subsidized integration course at the Kreisverwaltungreferat München (KVR), Rupertstrasse 19.

    For those who have lived in Germany for a longer period of time, it is possible to apply for acceptance into a subsidized integration course at the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) Boschetsriederstr. 41, 81379 München.

    ASL is of course willing to help as further questions arise and looking forward to your visit.