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Integration Courses





    Integration Language Course "German as a second language" according to the Immigration Act (Zuwanderungsgesetz)
    Since March 2005, The ASL Language School has been certified by the Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF), and has been commissioned to offer in accordance with the new immigration laws, an intensive Integration course: German as a Second Language.

    Who are the Integration courses meant for?

    This course is meant for foreigners, emigrants, refugees and political asylum seekers who have permission to live in Germany for an extended period of time.

    What is an Integration Course?

    All of our integration courses include:  Intensive language instruction with a total of 600 classroom hours consisting of 45 minute lessons and an orientation course with a total of 100 classroom hours also consisting of 45 minute lessons.

    The language course is divided into a 300 hour basic course and a 300 hour intermediate course.  Upon completion of this course particiants are qualified to take the German Cercification Test which is recognized
    throughout Germany as well as the rest of Europe as proof of having knowledge of the German language at the intermediate level.

    The ASL International Language School is also an official testing center.

    For people who have advanced knowledge of the German Language it is possible to participate in the orientation course independently from the language course.  This part of the the course includes information about The Republic of Germany's society, politics, law and the social system.

    Course fee: 1,95 € per lesson (45 minutes)
    The subsidized course costs 1,95 € per classroom hour. (Recipients of welfare and unemployment II can apply for a waiver of the course fees and costs of course materials).

    Courses, time and number of lessons and start of the Integration Courses


    Beginn Modul   Kursstufe   Beginn Modul   Kursstufe
    22.05.2017 1 A 1.1    27.06.2017 4 A 2.2
    23.05.2017 2 A 1.2   27.06.2017 5 B 1.1
    26.05.2017 3 A 2.1   27.06.2017 6 B 1.2
    26.05.2017 4 A 2.2    17.07.2017 1 A 1.1 
    26.05.2017  5 B 1.1   17.07.2017 2 A.1.2
    26.05.2017 6 B 1.2   20.07.2017 3 A 2.1
    19.06.2017 1 A 1.1   21.07.2017 4 A 2.2
    22.06.2017 2 A.1.2   25.07.2017 5 B 1.1
    23.06.2017 3 A 2.1   25.07.2017 6 B 1.2


    Beginn der Alphabetisierungskurse

    alle 8 Wochen

    If a participant has prior knowledge of the German language, it is possible to begin at a later juncture.

    Recent immigrats from countries outside the EU, can apply for acceptance into a subsidized integration course at the Kreisverwaltungreferat München (KVR), Rupertstrasse 19.

    For those who have lived in Germany for a longer period of time, it is possible to apply for acceptance into a subsidized integration course at the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) Boschetsriederstr. 41, 81379 München.

    ASL is of course willing to help as further questions arise and looking forward to your visit.