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How do I get a visa to study or learn German in Germany?




    ASL can help all its foreign students in obtaining a visa. But many questions can be answered beforehand if
    the following advice is carefully observed:

    If you belong to a country outside the European Union and are applying to study in Germany, you need a visa. However, if you are from Australia, Japan, Canada, Isreal, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Honduras, Monaco and San Marino, you are exempted from this rule. Be careful: all visas are not the same. A "tourist visa" cannot be converted into a "student visa" and as a tourist, you are not eligible to study in Germany. So it’s essential to pay attention to the word preceding "visa".
    Three types of visa exist for international students:

    - a language course visa, which cannot be subsequently converted into a student visa. It is valid only for the
    - duration of the course.
    - a three-month study applicant’s visa, which is valid if you have not yet obtained university admission. After
    - admission, it must be converted as quickly as possible into a resident permit for student purposes at the
    - office for foreigners’ affairs.
    - the visa for study purposes, valid for one year. In order to obtain this visa, you must provide proof of
    - admission and financial support for the duration of study.
    - For au-pairs: After a year in Germany a visa for au-pairs can be converted into a visa for language courses
    - preparing for university entrance.

    In order to apply for a student visa, the following documents are generally required:

    - a valid passport
    - passport photos
    - entitlement to university admission, as recognized in Germany (usually a high school diploma or graduation
    - examination certificate)
    - evidence of previous academic performance
    - proof of booking a German language course

    - proof that complete financial support for one year is guaranteed

    The notification of admission from the university is also required for the application for a visa for study purposes. Generally, a confirmation from the university, certifying that the application documents are available to them , suffices.

    The visa application is submitted at the German Embassy or the German Consulate in your country of residence – preferably as early as possible. German Embassy or Consulate personnel can provide further information.

    If there are any other questions contact ASL. After booking and paying a language course at ASL you will immediately get a confirmation that enables you to apply for a visa with your complete documents. Most probably you will get your visa now. If - for any reasons - this will not be the case ASL will at once pay back the course fees except for a small fee for processing. Suspension of your course start is possible and free, of course.