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The Lessons at ASL




    Placement tests occur before the start of the courses. With the exception of private lessons, participants are
    placed in groups of international student with similar language skills. Naturally, we respect the individual
    goals of each student in determining into which group they are placed.

    Fast, effective, and successful German language learning - that is the goal of ASL. But you don't need to be worry about boring grammar and vocabulary drills at our school. Our instructors make 
    sure lessons are both interesting and exciting as well as effective. The teaching material covers interesting 
    topics, uses modern vocabulary, and is focused - as much as possible - on the interests of our students. 
    Just talk to the course instructor and let them know about your special interests.

    ASL stands for "Advanced System of Languages"; that means that our instructors use the well developed "direct method" of language teaching:

    - Teachers and students speak only in German from the start of the course

    - The lessons are clearly structured and the vocabulary and grammar build upon one another.

    - Specialized and well-organized learning materials help course participants achieve their goals.

    After each course students will receive a document confirming their attendance in the course and after passing a the final test will be given a certificate of achievement.