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Prepatory courses for the Studienkolleg-admissions test




    The most important requirement for international students seeking admission to a German university is an
    academic qualification (secondary school degree) from their home countries.

    If this qualification is not considered equivalent to the German abitur students from certain countries must complete a one-year university prepatory course, the Studienkolleg.

    After reviewing an application, a university will decide whether the applicant can take the DSH German-proficency test and immediately begin their studies or if the applicant must take a test for 
    admission to the Studienkolleg. The test is German-proficency to examine whether the applicant has sufficient language skills to participate in the Studienkolleg. The test is a requirement for admission to the Studienkolleg, no other test or certificate will be accepted.

    The Studienkolleg admission test is less difficult than the DSH German proficency test. Despite this the failure rate is considerably higher because the number of available places in the Studienkolleg are far fewer than the number of applicants. Because of this it is not unusual for applicants to fail the test several times which 
    can often lead to the denial of a visa extension, an order to leave the country, and an end for any plans to study in Germany.

    Applicants who have completed ASL's prepatory course for the Studienkolleg-admissions test acheive on average far better results than other test-takers. Most participants successfully pass after our effective preparation for the test. The prepatory courses for admission to the Studienkolleg last eight weeks. After the course students have a far higher chance of passing the course.

    Like our other courses the Studienkolleg prepatory courses are offered at a fair price and take place regularly before the start of the tests.

    The test will consists of three parts and lasts 60 minutes:

    - C-Test and
    - Satzbau-Test (sentence construction, 30 minutes altogether)
    - Leseverstehen (reading comprehension, 30 minutes)

    Scores (total 200):

    - C-Test 75
    - Satzbau-Test 25
    - Leseverstehen 100

    Have a look at the model tests to find out if you are fit enough to pass the Studienkolleg entrance test:

    Starting dates - Prepatory courses for the Studienkolleg-admissions tests

    01.08.16 (5  weeks) 21.11.16 (10  weeks) 28.11.16 (8  weeks) 09.01.17 (4  weeks)
    26.06.17 (10  weeks) 10.07.17 (8  weeks) 31.07.17 (4  weeks) 13.11.17 (10  weeks)

    We recommend that you register as early as possible because the number of participants in each course is restricted and potential students may be turned away once courses are full.

    More information about the Studienkolleg can be found at the following website: