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Preparatory Courses for the DSH-Test




    The students who take our prepatory courses for the (DSH) German proficiency test regularly achieve above average results. Almost all participants in our courses pass the test. This is especially impressive because the
    DSH test in Munich are undoubtedly very demanding.

    Every students who takes our course is prepared for all sections of the test:

    1. Listening comprehension
    2. Reading skills
    3. Writing skills
    4. Academic/scientific language structure
    5. Speaking ability

    The success of ASL students is no coincendence. Beginning in our intermediate level intensive courses, students learn all the techniques and skills needed to pass the test successfully.

    Specially qualified and experienced language instuructors prepare our students for the DSH. The courses last eight weeks and are scheduled before the start of each testing period.

    Starting dates - Prepatory courses for DSH tests 2016/17


    01.02.16(6 weeks) 06.06.16 (6 weeks) 01.08.16 (8 weeks) 21.11.16 (6 weeks)
    30.01.17 (6 weeks) 20.11.17 (6 weeks)        

    Participants may register for courses after the course start if they meet the requirements (placement test). We recommend that you register as early as possible because the number of participants in each course is restricted and potential students may be turned away once courses are full.

    More information about the Studienkolleg can be found at the following website: