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German Courses in Munich
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Preparatory Courses for Students




    A large number of young people from countries around the world who are now studying in Germany prepared for various entrance tests of German universities or for the entrance test of a Studienkolleg at ASL. These 
    tests are required to be admitted to a university in Germany. Our experience shows us that the majority of participants who take our courses complete these test successfully. The chance of passing these tests without any special preparation is small.

    After a placement test, our staff will decide which level to place you in. Each course level lasts eight weeks and eventually lead to prepatory courses where participants are prepared for each specific test by our specially-trained language instructors.

    ASL offers the following prepatory courses:

    - DSH German test for university admission
    - admissions test for the Munich Studienkolleg
    - DaF test of German as a foreign language prepatory course

    95% of the students in our prepatory courses are preparing for these tests.

    Instruction takes place in small groups of students with similar language skills. Levels include beginning level I - III, intermediate level I - III. Each level lasts eight week. Additionally ASL offers DSH test preparation,Studienkolleg admission test preparation, and TestDaF preparation courses.

    Au pairs

    Many people who want to study in Germany, especially young women, come to Munich and its surroundings to work as au pairs while learning German. But be careful: unfortunately there are many families who take in au pairs but give them little or no chance to improve their German. Ask before you arrive in Germany if you 
    will be allowed to visit a language course during the daytime. Don't accept having to take an evening class. 

    Normally guest families are required to give their au pair a chance to learn the language. Au pairs at ASL study under the same conditions as participants with a student visa. The many Au pairs at ASL have a chance to discuss with each other their experiences with their families and their plans for the future.