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Vacation Courses




    Combine your vacation in Munich with learning German! ASL offers the opportunity to learn and practice German with other students of a similar age group while vacationing in Munich.  Also, we can help you find a host family in Munich to stay with while you attend your vacation course. This course is highly recommended for those students who wish to improve their performance of German language skills to help pass college and high school exams in their country of residence.


    focus group: young students fourteen years of age or older
    lessons: twenty hours per week
    duration: two weeks or more, from the middle of April till the end of August
    levels: A1- C1 Beginning, Basic levels I & II; Intermediate levels I & II
    class size: eight to sixteen students
    cultural excursions: if students desire, the school can arrange and book local excursions

    Start of Vacation Courses 2017:

    DFK 2017-1
    DFK 2017-2
    DFK 2017-3
    DFK 2017-



    Other Vacation Courses on request