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Leisure time with ASL




    Munich - at one and the same time a metropolis and a village, the cultural centre of Germany and reputedly one of the safest cities around, combined with a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere

    As a city of infinite colour and variety, Munich is both steeped in history, tracing its roots back over many centuries, and also infinitely modern, being at the forefront of music and the arts and the latest in technological developments. In short,

    Where can we begin when trying to describe Munich?

    Quite simply, the city offers many unparalleled attractions, which you really should not miss out on. Take for instance, "Marienplatz" with its two famous town halls, the "Hofbraeuhaus" (the beer hall), the Olympic stadium or  "Schwabing", a convivial downtown area with numerous restaurants, pubs and clubs.

    And where would we recommend to begin the sightseeing tour? By strolling along the Leopoldstraße, where you go not only to see, but to be seen? By sitting in the nearby English Gardens or in the cafès around the university? It is all there to be discovered: openness to the world beyond, side by side local charm; newer trends side by side older traditions; a metropolitan feel combined with a rural ambience and also a leisure world par excellence – there is something for everybody and this is what gives Munich its unique place in the world.

    But that is not all which this beautiful city, founded in 1158 and situated in the southern regions, can offer.

    Munich has established an international reputation for itself as a city of arts and culture with wide ranging interests. The theatres in Munich are among the most prestigious in Germany. There is a fantastic music scene, taking in the classics and jazz, to rock and pop ... needless to say that the newest and the most imaginative trends are greeted here with open arms.

    Munich’s museums captivate art lovers with wonderful exhibits, which can compete on the world’s cultural stage. There are 45 museums, including three "Pinakothecs" offering a superb collection of fine paintings and 70 art galleries, reflecting all aspects of European culture.

    This is Munich, but there is much more, too.

    What we would especially like to point out is that Munich is renowned as being one of the most foreigner-friendly cities in Germany. Here you will feel safe – both by day and night, on the streets or in the underground stations. It is this atmosphere of tolerance towards foreigners that allows our students to enjoy Munich to the full.


    And then there is Bavaria – land of mountains, castles, lakes and countless leisure activities

    When the Germans take holidays at home, they head to Bavaria, the No. 1 holiday destination in Germany. The nearby mountains offer skiing and hiking, lots of lakes, where you can go swimming and the historical cities of Regensburg, Nuernberg, Augsburg and Landau with all their history, not forgetting the great opportunity to stroll around the many shops on offer. Probably the most famous landmark in Bavaria is the castle of Neuschwanstein to the south of Munich, which was home to the "fairy tale" king, Ludwig II. Bavaria really has something for every season of the year.

    Munich’s infrastructure is well established and subject to constant improvements. Travel in the suburbs and throughout the city is easy and relatively inexpensive. The "S-Bahn" network stretches for a radius of about 40 miles around Munich. Cycling is very popular and needless to say the network of cycle paths is excellent.


    Come and experience both Munich and Bavaria with ASL!

    One of our primary concerns for all our students at ASL is that they are content with us not only during lesson times, but after classes, too. To this end, we constantly strive to offer you a varied programme of extra-curricular activities, to which both current and former pupils, as well as teachers are invited. These activities have proven to be extremely popular and they are loved by all those involved!

    After classes, our students can opt to go sightseeing in groups around Munich. For those who prefer sports, we offer football and tennis. For those who prefer to just chill out, we go out to the parks, or, weather-permitting, we meet up for a fun evening in one of the beer gardens for which Munich is so famous.

    At weekends, ASL offers trips to Bavaria's other magnificient tourist sights. Apart from Neuschwanstein, there are the castles of Linderhof or Schleißheim, the city of Salzburg is a relatively short distance away and in the winter, we can even offer you the chance to go skiing.

    Moreover, ASL will teach you all you need to know in German ....at the same time as giving you a stay to remember in our city!