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    ASL is both a successful language school and a centre of communications for young people and the young at heart alike. Both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities, students have the opportunity to get to know each other better, make new friendships and so avoid the sense of solitude often experienced by foreign students, particularly those who have just arrived in Germany.

    The ideal location of the school in the centre of Munich and its proximity to the university itself offer some good deals. For instance, the university refectory, where students can eat low cost meals, is just some five minutes away. There are numerous ice-cream parlours and cafes nearby the school, one of which is even located on the ground floor of our premises. In the evenings and at weekends, many students arrange to meet up outside the school, to go out from there. You can either go to a pub or a disco on the Leopoldstrasse or take the excellent transport network, which links ASL to all other areas of the city.

    And besides all this, our school itself has so much to offer you. Extended over three floors, ASL has 16 bright and modern classrooms, each one equipped with cassette recorders, TVs and DVD players. If you wish, you can work here undisturbed in the afternoons, checking your e-mails or browsing in the library.

    The concept of ASL as a communications hub is very important to us. Here our students are able to exchange experiences of their everyday lives, which otherwise they would have greater difficulty sharing. How do I go about finding an affordable room? Which doctor or dentist should I go to? Which pubs have the best deals? How do I go about finding a good student job? Where should I go for food shopping or to buy the latest fashions? How do I get tickets for Bayern München football club? Which hairdresser is both good and reasonably priced? Which museum is the most interesting to visit? Who wants to go to the Octoberfest with me? 

    Such questions are best answered of course by other students, whereas our teachers, the director and secretariat are happy to advise students on their questions about the German course itself, problems with a visa or enquiries regarding admissions to university or examination procedures.

    This is what makes ASL a unique international institute with a particularly friendly atmosphere. Not only do our students learn German, but furthermore we make sure they feel at home here with us at the school and in the city. The ASL community network is waiting to welcome you to Munich!